A deluge of data is giving rise to a new economy. Ludwig Siegele asks how it will work. 

  • Digital twins

  • Like oil or sunlight?

  • Building the infrastructure

  • The impact on business

  • Virtual nationalism

  • Who will benefit?

Call me for the lay-person translation and summary. ​

IDC Research sponsored by Seagate

From Me: how much data is being produced, by whom, and where?  Who's making good use of that resource. What's the role of storage at the Edge, in the Core and Cloud.


A follow up to The Challenger Sale, this research illustrates how successful sellers help buyers feel confident to move forward with a purchase decision.

By Claire Shipman and Katty Kay

From Me:  Helps girls and caregivers understand and break away from the "be good"mindset.  From the publisher:  It’s a paradox familiar to parents everywhere: girls are achieving like never before, yet they’re consumed with doubt on the inside. Girls worry constantly about how they look, what people think, whether to try out for a sports team or school play, why they aren’t getting “perfect” grades, and how many likes and followers they have online.

Katty Kay and Claire Shipman use cutting-edge science and research, as well as proven methods of behavioral change, to reach girls just when they need it the most—the tween and teen years.

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