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Market Analysis
Business Handshake
Lab Experiment

This category killer needs to defend its leadership position in direct-to-customer sales, and capture new growth from customers who purchase through channel partners.  Together, we are discovering more effective ways to reach new buyers and gain share.

Growing Market Share

This AI startup asked how they could connect with non-technical buyers, translating their capability acronym-free. Together we are expanding their Board of Advisors to include functional experts, while I am coaching their sellers to be more natural, engaging, effective.

Advising a Start Up

As a respected managed services provider, this client sought guidance on selling existing and new offerings through resellers, partners and alliances.  I mapped and scored its channel options in detailed sell-to, sell-through and sell-with plans, and executive communications.

Engaging the Channel

Medical researchers' requirements map perfectly to this client's products. They've never approached customers directly. Together we will test the viability of a direct approach: I will serve as their industry sales lead, testing methods and best practice during an extended engagement.

Direct to Industry Sales





Building profitable channel, alliances and ecosystems

Buyers reward simplicity, transparency and seamless ecosystems that mitigate risk. This is giving rise to new value exchanges between buyers, sellers and their partners. In other words, simplicty for buyers begets complexity for sellers. I help alliance and channel executives develop modern partnership strategies, design programs and build complementary engagements between contributors.


 Land | Adopt | Expand | Renew 

Digital-first buying behavior is changing the way we sell everything. Effective sellers boost "Decision Confidence" during each phase of the customer journey.  Buyers reward those who sense their needs during the buying cycle and supply the right information at the right time. Winners lead with insight, teach customers something new and compelling, give them the confidence to act. I help sellers landing new sale and enable customer success.


Bridging Communication Gaps, GTM Planning, Milestone Meeting Facilitation

Every leader needs a basic understanding of the ways data, automation, infrastructure and security impact their clients' business. Ecosystem participants need a shared vernacular in order to agree on a shared vision, move to action and reduce costly second-thoughts.  I help companies and people from diverse backgrounds understand one another and see the reciprocal value.  This involves coaching individuals, leading planning workshops and facilitating review meetings so ecosystems drive tangible benefits for all participants.


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